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The Municipality of Amaroussion is situated in the north-east area of Attica, covering a surface of 13,5 km² with approximately 100.000 inhabitants. The modern infrastructures of the city in combination with its excellent public transit network (3 Metro stations and 2 Suburban Railway stations) have established Amaroussion as an important financial and business centre of the northern suburbs. Moreover, within its geographical boundaries are located over 3.500 companies, 3 of the country’s largest shopping malls, 2 Ministries, 2 Embassies and 4 Consulates, but also many of the biggest maternity hospitals and medical centers of Attica.

Amaroussion is a modern city with significant ceramic tradition and a rich history that goes back 3.500 years ago. Today the city is a popular tourist destination, hosting within its limits the Olympic Complex (O.A.K.A.), as well as important museums such as the Natural History Museum, the Spathario Museum of Shadow Theatre, the Historical and Folk Art Museum, the International Olympic Ceramic Sculpture Museum and the “Spyros Louis” Municipal Olympic Art Gallery, while very soon will be inaugurated the World Track and Field Museum and the Museum of Greek Olympic Games. Additionally, within the city operates the “Voreeios” Municipal Library, whilst every year many young people participate in the Programmes organized by the Municipal Center for Art and Culture and the Municipal Conservatory. Moreover, major cultural and athletics events take place annually addressing to all ages, while an everyday “shield of social care and solidarity” serves the ones in most need, with forefront the Corner of Offering and Solidarity, the Municipal Polyclinic, the Municipal Psychosocial Support Center, the 12 Nurseries’ Stations, the Elderly Care Centers and the actions of the Intermunicipal Health and Welfare Network.
The protection of the environment and the upgrade of the quality of everyday life for the residents and jobholders of the city is a daily priority for the Municipality of Amaroussion. In this frame, a series of “green” policies and actions are undertaken concerning indicatively the reinforcement of urban green spaces, the enhancement of “green” mobility, the development of pedestrian and bicycle paths, the promotion of recycling and reuse practices and energy saving initiatives, but also the bioclimatic regeneration of both the Historical Commercial Center and other city districts. It is worth mentioning that the Municipality of Amaroussion applies an environmental management system (ISO 14001:2004), whilst it was the first Municipality in Greece implementing and acquiring the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) certification.

European Programmes: “CASCADE”, “Energy Neighbourhoods 2”, “CLEANDRIVE”, “PRO-EE”, “PEPESEC”, “IDEMS”, “EnerinTown”, “Sec-Bench”, “Urban Heat Island”, Erasmus+, PRODESA H2020, LIFE Recycling@Home, LifeGRIN. Signed “Coventant of Mayors” aout Climate Change and founder member of WHO (World Health Organization) in Greece.

Some areas of interest related to European transnational projects: Natural environment and landscape protection; social innovation in rural areas; sustainable tourism; eco-friendly physical planning; green economy; ecomobility; health and cities; startups; traditional and high quality agro-food integrated chains; High education and training; enhancement of local cultural heritage.

Personnel who may be involved in projects
Nikos Thymakis has worked since 1997 in Landscape consulting Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Qatar, Turkey, Korea and Taiwan. He is agronomist from Agricultural University of Athens (GRADUATE 1996) and works also in Public Service (Municipality of Halandri, Kifissia, Amaroussion) as project manager in European Programmes, especially LIFE+. He is the creator of the Hellenic Garden in Taipei Flora Expo 2010, in FLORIADE 2012 (as the leader of SYNERGIA-Hellenic Garden Team), IHK Goyand 2016&2017 and the project manager of the construction of the thematic garden in Halki Theological School. He is Palm Specialist, working in Greece in a few programmes about RPW management. He is the founder of GreekPalmSociety and the Honorary President of Hellenic Plant Material Exporters & Importers Association , promoting the “Hellenic Garden Project”.

Contact: Nikos Thymakis , +302132038334