LIFE Task Force Platform
Πλατφόρμα Υποστήριξης για το Ευρωπαϊκό Πρόγραμμα LIFE

SOLTUB Ltd. (consulting and development SME in the Hungarian agri-food sector)


2.2.2 Thematic priorities for Waste Priority: Implementation of waste legislation – Annex III, section A points (b)(i)-(ii) bio-waste, projects in food waste throughout the food chain (SOLTUB Ltd. is stakeholder in the HU food waste platform) 2.2.3 Thematic priorities for Resource Efficiency, including soil and forests and green and circular economy Priority: Resource Efficiency, green and circular economy- Annex III, section A, point (c)(i) projects in value chains, projects in new business models for resource efficiency, projects in European environmental footprint methodology (SOLTUB Ltd. assissted the EU Commission in developing the value chain footprint methodology) 2.2.5 Thematic priorities for Air quality and emissions, including urban environment Priority: Air quality legislation and the NEC Directive – Annex III, section A, points (e)(i)-(ii) projects to reduce ammonia and PM emissions from agriculture (SOLTUB Ltd. closed an FP7 project in the ammonia emission assessment in agriculture)

Zoltán Hajdu, manager SOLTUB

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