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ABERON LTD. provides consulting, research services and project management in the environmental sector. The main areas in which we specialize are water and purification of water, waste, biodiversity and ecosystems, energy and energy efficiency, agri-environment and precision agriculture, resource efficiency and circular economy, GIS and software applications.

Founded in 2013, ABERON assists businesses and government agencies in the development, management and implementation of projects financed by national, European and other international funds.

The ABERON team consists of highly-qualified professionals with experience in providing services based on the individual needs of the client. ABERON provides quality performance of its contractual commitments along with innovative and relevant recommendations.



WATER & WASTEWATER –   Engineering consulting and research aimed at supporting and addressing the challenges of waste water treatment, innovative and resource-efficient technologies for reuse of treated water and sludge, water networks; training and capacity building;

–   Development of  flood risk management plan for the Danube Water Basin Directorate;

–   Participation in the development of environmental assessments, compliance assessments and SWOT analyzes of the FRMP in the Black Sea Water Basin Directorate and in the East Aegean Water Basin Directorate;

–   Participation in the research project COST Action Land4Flood;

–   Development and implementation of EKRAMON project to increase the capacity for research and management of marine non-fishery stocks in the Black Sea (programme BG 02 ​​”Integrated management of marine and inland waters,”funded by  the EEA 2014-2017)



–   Evaluation and mapping of ecosystems and ecosystem services;

–   Conservation of biodiversity;

–   Partner in the project SHE-BG for mapping and assessment of the heathland and shrub ecosystems and the agro-ecosystems in Bulgaria outside the areas of the Natura 2000 (programme BG 03 “Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services”, the EEA2014-2017);


Wastes (and energy)

–   Innovative solutions for sustainable waste management, contributing to the circular economy and resource effectiveness;

–   Innovative design concepts contributing to compliance with the hierarchy of waste management;

–   Development of guidelines for waste management;

–   Consultancy for the design management of waste treatment systems; training and capacity building;

–   Experience in preparation of projects in the sector of construction waste and its management, applications drafted under LIFE and “Operational Programme Environment 2014-2020″.

ENERGY –   Development of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy projects;

–   Project development for energy efficiency, smart grids and metering devices in the Danube region, encouraging the creation of consumer cooperatives and energy independent farms;

–   Support for the Bulgarian Energy Agencies establishment of appropriate cooperation with foreign partners for the implementation of energy projects and initiatives;

–   Participation in the annual regional energy conferences as a  member of the Bulgarian Energy &Mining Forum;

POLICIES AND REGULATORY AFFAIRS –   Maintaining a constant awareness of national and European policies relating to environmental protection and biodiversity; waste management; adaptation to climate change and mitigation; agriculture;

–   Advising clients regarding compliance with EU Directives and National policy      bringing documents and projects into compliance with the legislation;

–   Organsising communication and information events, business and thematic conferences; member of the Action Groups of the European Innovation Partnership for Water;

–   Experience in the preparation of socio-economic analyzes of the water sector and management of flood risks (in four regional cities), biodiversity and evaluation of ecosystem services (6 NUTS in Bulgaria);

Ecological Informatics, GIS and ICT –   Modeling and analysis of the biosphere and forecasting trends;

–   Application of Environmental Informatics (ICT / IST / GIS, networks) in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, ecology, hydrology, climatology and related economy;

–   Services related to nature and man-made disasters – monitoring and early warning systems

–   Development of a software application for the project c-SPACE, FP7 programme

–   Development of GIS maps , platforms and visualization applications (VE/VT) under Horizon 2020 projects;  

RESEARCH & PROGRAM HORIZONT2020 –   Participation in research and technological development, including Horizon 2020 programme, with a focus on waste, resource efficiency, water, including sea and air pollution;

–   Use of ICTs and Geomatics for environmental monitoring for long range security and environmental protection;

–   Participation in RAWFIE project (Road, Air and Water Future Internet Experimentation) funded by Horizon 2020;

–   Networking and partnerships in research & innovation projects, bio-economy, ‘rural renaissance’ connected to the ‘food-water-energy nexus‘, etc.


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