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The Institute of Agricultural Sciences (I.A.S) is the legal administrator of Syngrou Legacy, and hence of the homonymous forest.

IAS is a public entity of the Rural Development & Food Ministry, providing agricultural and horticultural education, while protecting the assets of the Legacy,

i.e. the forest, the crops, the historic buildings, etc. IAS organizes semester seminars on gardening, horticulture, viticulture etc.

Its purpose is to contribute to the development of Greek agriculture and the development of the professional and cultural aspect of Greek farmers.

Based on the (PD 590 / 12.20.88) IAS pursues the above objective via:

  1. a) Operation of rural schools, organization of seminars, promotion of applied research and production of plant propagating material,

the library premise and more generally the development of any activity that improves the living standard of the Greek farmer and

modernizes the Greek agriculture.

  1. b) Collaboration with the services and institutions of Ministry of Rural Development and Food,

geotechnical faculty and generally organizations associated with agriculture.


  • Τοinform students and other groups about the natural environment of the Sygrou estate area.
  • Τοpromote an environmental code of conduct to society, through the knowledge and skills acquired by students and other groups.
  • To promote environmental awareness through the close contact with nature
  • To enable trainees to develop a responsible, environmentally friendly approach and actively contribute to sustainable development.

Some areas of interest related to European transnational projects: Natural environment and landscape protection; social innovation in rural areas; sustainable tourism; eco-friendly physical planning; green economy; ecomobility; health and cities; startups; traditional and high quality agro-food integrated chains; High education and training; enhancement of local cultural heritage.